Here are some common questions and problems I have been asked; I'll add more to this FAQ shortly.  If you have a question, please email me!  Tutorial section coming soon as well.

Lost your files or had a hard drive crash?
Please email me at fred.she.said@gmail.com and I can find your orders and resend the download links to you.  Please try to use the email you purchased with.  If it has changed, please let me know.  

I can't Download my purchase!  - Don't panic!  Please email me and I'll get you sorted one way or another!  Orders can be reactivated and resent to your email.   I' can also email you your orders, provide download links or find anyway possible to get your files to you ;)

Can't "checkout??  The checkout button has disappeared from the shopping CART!
There is an issue with text size in your web browser and large purchases on the Payhip .site/service that my products are hosted on.  The Green Checkout Button "disappears" at the bottom of the screen.  TRY THIS!  Shrink  ( unzoom ) your text by clicking CTRL-  ( ctrl key and minus key together ) a few times until the checkout button appears.  CTRL+  will zoom your text and CTRL0 ( zero )  will reset  your text to defaults.  This trick will work with most web browsers ( Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, etc. ~make sure "zoom text only" is unchecked).  Unfortunately this will only work to a point ( eg. smallest size for page and over 20 or so items ), try purchasing in batches, you can remove items from the CART ( right hand of page ) by clicking the "x" beside the product name.   If you have recently added items to your cart and checkout button is hidden past the bottom of the screen, you can also CHECKOUT or see the contents of your cart by going here:  


Sorry fot the inconvenience; I have no control over this.  

I also take email orders if you are having trouble.

Can I see all your products on one page for easy reference? 
Sure! My store runs and is hosted on  PayHip.  Here is my  PayHip store page to see all of my products in one go:


I can't print my downloads!!!
This is usually what the problems is ;)  When you download your product, you must UNZIP or EXTRACT the zipped file.  Windows has an Extract Wizard built in.  Right-Click on the downloaded file and select Extract  and follow the wizard.  By default, you should get a folder with the same name as your download in the same directory  that will have all the files inside.  Windows can't print from inside a zip... but you can view the files inside a zip... which just plain makes it confusing ;)  

For files with label SHEET, you can easily print these using Windows Photo Gallery or Viewer.  Right-click on your image SHEET file and select print , follow the Wizard and choose full page photo or 8x10 photo for print size.

For single images, please use something like MS Word or free Open Office equivalent ( Writer ) to print.  You can insert the image/from file and resize on your page.  MS Word is great for adding multiple images to a page to save paper ;)  I also use graphic editing software like Paint Shop Pro ( which has a great Print Layout feature to add multiple images to a page ).  You can also use Desktop Publishing software, eg is PrintMaster ( Express).

OOPs - I purchased this already and forgot I did!  POP me an email and let me know, I'll verify and can issue you a refund or replace with a product of equal value.

Can I use the Cricut to cut your digital cutting files?  Technically NO.  Provocraft legally forced the software makers ( of  Make the Cut! and Sure Cuts ALot ) to stop making their cutting software compatible with the Cricut.   Some older versions will work.  See below.
   For information about Sure Cuts Alot working with the Cricut GO HERE.
   For information about Make The Cut! - It will only work if you had downloaded and/or installed a version made BEFORE March 16, 2011 ( MTC version 3.2.1 or older).

What electronic cutters will work with your cutting files?  Pretty much anything but Cricut ( see above ).  If you are unsure or find a product that does not have the file format your machine requires ( eg older not yet updated cutting files ), please email me with your machine model and I'll help you out.