Stained Glass Floral Doodle-Dallion v1 Print,Color&Cut Sheet

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Stained Glass Floral Doodle-dallion 1
Print, Color & Cut 3D Decoupage Sheet & Paper Pricking Border Pattern 1
My version of a virtual rubber stamp LOL! For those who don't stamp or want a cheaper alternative ( but you are limited re techniques and the joys of embossing powder ;) )

Iincludes 3 versions of sheet:
-1 Ready to Print B&W Decoupage Sheet in PDF Format 200 ppi ( need Adobe Reader to view and print).
-1 PNG File of Sheet 200ppi with a transparent background to color in a graphics program. (personal use only please don't share/distribute/sell your colored versions.)
-1 8"x10" Sheet in JPG format for those folks who like that ;)

This sheet is recommended to be printed on a high quality printer setting. Digital prints will color beautifully with the Magic Colored Pencil Technique ( oil or wax based colored pencils blended with Odorless Mineral Spirits/Zest-it/Baby Oil and a blending stump.) I will permit toner/laser photo-copying of a printed inkjet copy ( for the buyer's personal use only) if a coloring technique requires watercoloring, etc that would cause inkjet prints to bleed. I have "heard" that spraying an inkjet fixatif on the print will help with ink bleeding.

Also included:Paper Pricking Border Pattern sized to print 4.25"x5.5" but can be easily resized to suit your needs. ( Note: the pattern is very fine and will require a finer needle and it is recommended to prick on regular weight paper or vellum, not cardstock.

***Commercial Use Only if used on a handcrafted tangible item ( eg. a greeting card ) No distribution/sharing/selling allowed ( in digital or in print as well as your own colored copies )

Stained Glass Floral Doodle-dallion 1: (outlines uncoloured )
Price: $2.00 CAD