Purchase Help and Options for Savings

 Being a single small digital supplier, I cannot handle the administrative burden of EU VAT for my European customers.  I am currently working on instant "BUY NOW" buttons for our products.  This service is through PAYHIP.COM which is a third party platform that will handle VAT.  They are in the process of adding new features but they are not ready yet, like discount codes using a shopping cart.  Please use the BUY NOW BUTTONS if you want your product to be automatically downloaded immediately after your purchase.

I can only handle multi-product discounts and gift certificates manually via email order at this time. 
If your total is over $10 CAD , you will  receive a 10% discount.*
If your total is over $20 CAD , you will receive a 20% discount.*

* discount will be applied during invoicing. You will be sent your invoice via email and products will be emailed or download links sent after I have received notification of payment ( within 24 hours).

*All purchases are handled with PayPal and they will give you several options to pay, through your PayPal account or, if you wish, via your credit card.  The files you download or are attached to an email will be in zipped format. Windows XP and Vista have utilities to help you extract/unzip your files or use an unzipping program ( please email me, I have several free ones to recommend). The product will extract/unzip to a folder with the same name as the zipped product with all the files inside. All prices are in Canadian Funds; I have provided a currency converter on this blog for your convenience ( Paypal's rate may vary slightly ).

BUY NOW instant digital downloads are sent to you via download links. You should receive the links very shortly after your payment has been processed. This is done automatically via Payhip. Payhip will send you an email with your download links ( to the address you use for PayPal so make sure it is a current and viable address, your payment receipts from PayPal should go to this address as well ). The links will be time limited and download limited to avoid sharing of links. If you do not receive an email within 5 -10 minutes, please check you email account's spam folder. Please email me with any problems (please include your name, paypal email and/or order number) and I will do everything in my power to make sure you get the downloads. I will reply as promptly as I can but it could take a day or two to work something out ( I am a busy mom with a part time job ;) )

IF YOU ARE ON DIAL-UP!!! Please make sure you can handle an individual download file of up to 15 MB for each file. If you know you have connection problems and have had problems with files this size, I can provide a CD Burning service see LINK for details.

Thank you for your patronage.