Fred's Flowers v4 - Big Dahlias - coloured

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-18 full coloured sheets of flowers and leaves. ( 200 ppi JPG )
-The largest flower is 3 inches in diameter. I filled the sheets with as many flowers and leaves as I could so there are plenty of extras on sheets to make other flowers- your imagination is the limit :)

Fred's Flowers v4 (Edition A) - Big Dahlias - Coloured
Price: $5.00 CAD (~12.7 MB )

-NOTES: example card uses 2 of the largest flowers, 2 of the medium large and 1 of the medium sized flowers. The petals are scored down the middle and folded. Flowers are arranged and glued on top of each other in a staggered fashion and attached/glued at the center. The leaves are scored on a foam pad following the line of the center vein and then creased and moulded by hand to get the fold to follow the curved line. If your flower ever flattens, simply pinch each petal back to fluff it back up. I recommend silicon glue to attach leaves and finished flowers to your card. Apply glob of glue to crease of leaf and to every second or third petal crease on the bottom of flower. Press lightly to card to keep glue blobs raised a bit - this will help retain the 3d effect of the flowers and leaves. If flowers are too big for your project try reducing the print to 75% - this should make the largest flower approximately 2" in diameter.