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Floral Pretties - Past & Present

Daisies & LadyBugs

Daisies & Ladybugs DIGI & Pre-Coloured SET:

 Sample DIGI Sheet:

-this set includes BOTH the uncoloured and pre-coloured images :)
-includes 2 daisy images ( a daisychain and a single daisy- with and without stem) and ladybugs and some cardfront arrangements like you see above.  The images come with and without ladybugs on them.  It is also broken down into separate components so you have many options on how to use this set :) Also has a fluffy clouds background paper! JPG/PNG + printable sheets.

Daisies & Ladybugs DIGI & Pre-Coloured SET:
Price: $ 5.00 CAD