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Floral Pretties - Past & Present

Wee Hummingbird & Petunias

Wee Hummingbird & Petunias DIGI Set ( 3 digi's)

Wee Hummingbird & Petunias Digi SET - consists of 3 images "Hummingbird & Petunias", and the hummingbird and "Petunia Trio" as single images ( PNG JPG )  There is a ready-to-print sheet of the image you see above plus another sheet full of Wee Hummingbirds in various sizes.

Wee Hummingbird & Petunias DIGI Set:
Price: $ 3.25 CAD

Wee Hummingbird & Petunias Pre-coloured SET

 -7 coloured versions altogether and 11 coloured hummingbirds ( "normal" birds-male and female, and lightly coloured pastel-like ones - very pretty!), single images of Petunia Trio are also included.
 - includes 2 sheets full of hummingbirds and 2 sheets with the above coloured images on them.  ( JPG)

 *PNGs of flowers and birds are available as an extra download.

Wee Hummingbird & Petunias Pre-coloured SET:
Price: $ 5.25 CAD